Ural Steel is one of the leading Russian producers of strips for large-diameter pipes, pipe billets, plates and bridge steel (more than 100 grades of carbon and alloy steels in total). It is one of the top eight largest steel producers of the Russian Federation.
The enterprise's history began in the time before the World War II, but it is the 5th of March, 1955, when the first blast furnace had been blown in and first hot metal was tapped at the Orsk-Khalilovsk Iron & Steel Plant (OKhMK, presently called Ural Steel) is considered to be the birthday of the Iron & Steel giant in the east of Orenburg Region.
In 2022, Ural Steel together with Zagorsk Pipe Plant became a part of a single iron & steel holding which will allow the enterprise to form stable production connections increasing opportunities of using the plant's products in the largest oil and gas and construction projects.
Ural Steel's contribution to development of Russian economy
No. 1 in the bridge steel market in Russia
More than 100 bridges are built using Ural Steel products:
• "Red Dragon" bridge over the Irtysh river,
• the bridge to Russky Island in Vladivostok,
• Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Birdge,
• the bridge over the river Pur on the Yamal Peninsula,
• Vysokogorsky bridge over the Yenisey river and other bridges
The supplier of structural steel for construction
Novotroitsk rolled products were used for building:
• facilities for the Olympic games in Sochi,
• stadiums for soccer world cup,
• multi-purpose complex Moscow-City,
• structures of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow,
• Okhotny Ryad Shopping Center in Moscow and other facilities
The supplier of high-quality steel grades for pipe making
Novotroitsk steel was used for building oil- and gas-ducts of strategic importance:
• Sakhalin — Khabarovsk — Vladivostok,
• East Siberia — Pacific Ocean,
• Bovanenkovo — Ukhta,
• Baltic pipeline system,
• "South Stream"
The supplier of high-quality shipbuilding steel
Ural Steel rolled products are in demand among leading Russian and foreign shipbuilding companies:
• overhaul of Aurora cruiser,
• multi-purpose icebreakers of Aker ARC 130 A design
Ural Steel is the integrated iron and steel works and includes 5 main process stages: sinter production, coke production, blast furnaces, steelmaking and rolling.
Sinter Plant produces the required raw materials for making hot metal — around 3 million tons of sinter per year with basicity of up to 1.8 units with Fe content of up to 56%.
Coke production process stage produces the main type of fuel for making hot metal — more than 1.5 million tons of coke per year is baked from coal charge. Coke, coke nut and coke fines are the resulting products after cooling and screening. Coal tar, ammonium sulphate and benzene are recovered from coke gas.
Blast Furnace Plant produces more than 2.5 million tons per year of high-quality steelmaking iron or ordinary brand iron. More than 1.5 million tons of commercial iron is exported every year.
Steelmaking Plant is one of the most advanced sites of the enterprise. It produces around 100 steel grades of higher quality of total amount around 1.5 million tons per year. Round blooms for manufacture of railway wheels and square billets for manufacture of rails are produced here. The plant successfully incorporated FMF-technology which allows to make steel using basic oxygen process without electric energy.
In the plate rolling mill, advanced equipment uses slabs coming from the Steelmaking Plant to make rolled products complying with the high consumer properties. Mill 2800 produces up to 1 million tons per year of high-quality steel for building bridges and shipbuilding, making welded pipes of large diameter, steel structures.
In the foundry, production of large size castings for own steelmaking and blast furnace production needs and also for third-party mining enterprises has been adopted. Annual figures of the shop: more than 7 thousand tons of large size castings.
Stable operation of main process stages is maintained by auxiliary units integrated into Repair and Maintenance Direction and Chief Utilities Specialist Service.
Repairmen carry out timely maintenance and repair of various equipment, replenish the plant demand for components and spare parts.
The plant's own facilities ensure power independence of the enterprise, allow to effectively use existing fuel and energy resources. Ural Steel's combined heat and power plant generates electric and heat energy for own needs and provides heat to Novotroitsk.
Ural Steel has facilities of both minimum and significant environmental impact and, therefore, considers environmental protection activity to be one of the priority areas in the industry. Annually around 700 million rubles are invested in environmental activities. When drawing up strategic development plans and modernizing facilities, green technologies take priority. Great importance is attached to timely repairs of equipment intended for nature protection purposes.
Over the past 10 years, implementing a package of environmental measures has allowed the plant to reduce emissions into the atmosphere by one third. An in-house accredited environmental monitoring laboratory ensures prevention of exceeding the maximum permissible emissions around the clock. In case of weather conditions unfavourable for dispersion of emissions at the plant Regime No.1 is introduced which implies shutdown of specific facilities when the air is still. For over 20 years the plant has been operating using a unique zero-discharge water system. One of the achievements is the slag processing technology. An industrial waste landfill has been in pilot production since 2017.
Leading national enterprises in different industrial fields are Russian consumers of Novotroitsk rolled products. The company's products provide a basis for the development of the Russian economy and national output.
The products of Ural Steel is supplied to over 20 countries of the world such as Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, Great Britain, Turkey, Finland, Czech Republic, Italy, China, USA, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and others.
Ural Steel is a full-cycle metallurgical enterprise that includes the following production facilities:
• blast furnaces,
• melt shop,
• plate rolling mill 2800 with heat treatment.
Produced steel grades:
• high-strength special purpose steel;
• low-alloy steel, including for the production of welded
corrosion-resistant pipes;
• carbon steel.
Produced goods:
"Ural Steel" has extensive experience in export deliveries.
Export shipments are carried out through all Russian ports on FOB terms, with delivery to ports by railway.
Mr. Yuri Sunyaev
E-mail: yu.sunyaev@uralsteel.com
Phone: 8 (916) 302-19-68
Contact person for export sales:
Investment Projects
Investment projects implemented at Ural Steel are aimed at productivity enhancement, improvement in the products' quality and increase in percent of high value-added products. Over 40 billion rubles (including VAT) have been invested in development of the plant since 2007. The largest projects are:
Commissioning of the Ladle Furnace at the Steelmaking Plant
Start of the Four-High Mill Stand and Revamping of the Two-High Mill Stand at Plate Rolling Mill-1
Commissioning of the water-air cooling system to CCM No.2 at the Steelmaking Plant
Start of the Pusher-Type Reheat Furnace No.1 after revamping at Plate Rolling Mill No.1
Completion of Ravamping of Reheat Furnace No.2 at Plate Rolling Mill-1
Start of the Vacuum Degasser at the Steelmaking Plant
Closure of the Open-Hearth Steelmaking Area
Commissioning of Coke-Oven Battery No.6
Start of the new Casting Machine No.5 at the Blast-Furnace Shop
Production of slag pots mastered in the Foundry Floor of the Mechanical Shop
Commissioning of the plant's industrial waste landfill
Start of the Roller-Type Heating Furnace No.1 – Roller-Type Quenching Machine No.1 Complex
Commissioning of the Electric Arc Furnaces after revamping according to the unique FMF technology
Start of medium-pressure steam boilers at the Combined Heat and Power Plant
Commissioning of Blast Furnaces No. 2 and 3 after revamping
Start of Blast Furnace No.4 after an overhaul
Social Policy
Ural Steel is a town-forming enterprise in Novotroitsk and one of the largest taxpayer of the region. The plant annually sends more than 2 billion rubles of taxes and fees to the consolidated budget of the Orenburg region.
Ural Steel is a town-forming enterprise in Novotroitsk and one of the largest taxpayer of the region. The plant annually sends more than 1 billion rubles of taxes and fees to the consolidated budget of the Orenburg region.
A lot of good jobs have been done in partnership with the region and the city. Among the key sites are the Ice Palace, a 3D cinema, a park, repair of children's educational institutions, healthcare, culture and sports facilities. Reconstruction of the historic part in the main town street - Sovetskaya – should be expressly noted.
Ural Steel is the region's largest employer with over 9,000 employees. The average salary of steelmakers is almost 50% higher than the average monthly income in the region, and safety is a priority area of work.
Recirculators intended for air disinfection are installed in all in the plant's subdivisions. Public areas, canteens and buses are regularly disinfected. The face-mask requirement is followed, all the employees are provided with personal protective equipment on a regular basis.
Employees are vaccinated and revaccinated against viral diseases and provided with vitamin complexes.
Many meetings are held online, and some employees not involved in production work remotely.
There is a situation center giving consulting and medical assistance to employees.
The steelmakers have spent 550 million rubles on health maintenance in the Orenburg region. CT scanners, lung ventilators, oxygen concentrators and other medical equipment, personal protective equipment and medicines have been purchased for medical institutions in the region. Ural Steel delivered up to 850 tons of medical oxygen to hospitals every month.
Managing Company
Ural Steel
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